Human Trafficking A Stigma On Forehead: A Study

ISSN: 2582-3655

Author: Pradeep Singh1 &Vidyottama Sharma2

Research Scholar, Sos Law, Jiwaji University, Gwalior, mp


The status of human trafficking in India has been told through this paper, the growing problem of human trafficking or human trade is like a stigma on the forehead of the largest democratic country. Trafficking of human life or being a victim of illegal trade is nothing short of a tragedy. In general, a person against his will taking advantage of any weakness or compulsion to take any kind of illegal activity to take a woman or child from one place to another and to do them wrong is called human trafficking, which falls under the category of crime. Human trafficking is an illegal act under Indian law which remains a significant problem. Currently, on average, one child goes missing in the country in every 8 minutes. No one serious about it why such a large number of children go missing, the illegal trade of women and children have now spread widely over a large area and has become a business worth billions of rupees. This business of human trafficking spreading not only in India but internationally. So it is classified as an offense internationally, the author highlights the rights of the individuals, the law relating to human trafficking, causes, and prevention of it.

Keywords: Human trafficking, Legal provisions, Causes And Preventions.


Human trafficking is becoming a big issue around the world, which is aimed at sexual exploitation. Trafficking has now become such a big business that has been described as the fastest-growing criminal industry not only in India but in the world. The international and Indian legal definition of child labor, bonded labor, and sex trafficking are given in this entire paper. Underneath the section 370 of the Indian penal code, trafficking of persons for physical exploitation or any style of sexual exploitation, slavery or practices almost like slavery, slavery and therefore the forced removal of organs is prohibited.  Cases covering a large style of varieties of modern slavery are registered underneath this section. Since India signed the city Protocol and amended its legal code, the trafficking of persons for the aim of sexual exploitation has been comprehensively prohibited. The Immoral Traffic in Persons Act 1956 additionally prohibits the procuring, causing or taking of an individual for the aim of harlotry. The Protection of youngsters from Sexual Offences Act 2012, prohibits a variety of sexual offences against children underneath the age of eighteen. Human trafficking will embrace many totally different parts that may embrace sex trafficking, labor trafficking, and organ trafficking. Sex trafficking is human trafficking into harlotry. Labor trafficking is once somebody is trafficked into work that’s non-sexual. Examples will embrace a person trafficked into farm work, or a girl trafficked into a servant. Lastly, organ trafficking is once individuals are trafficked thus their organs are often sold-out to be used into transplants. individuals are often forced into this trafficking by several suggests that like physical force being employed upon them, or false guarantees created by traffickers. Samples of guarantees might embrace false job opportunities or marriages in foreign countries. To prove that human trafficking continues to be happening around the world, India is home to Associate in Nursing calculable fourteen million victims of human trafficking, as well as victims of sex trafficking, guaranteed labor, kid labor, domestic slavery and made wedding. The dimensions of the matter are gigantic both in the number of trafficked persons and an increasing range of locations. Traffickers are driven by high profits and therefore the low risk because of weak enforcement and low levels of prosecution. To tackle human trafficking, prosecution and penalization of offenders should be pursued additionally as proceedings to seize the assets and profits of traffickers.

There are many tributary factors for interchange persons notably in girls and youngsters. The factors of trafficking in girls and youngsters is divided into these categories: push and pull factors. The push factors include: poor socio-economic conditions of an oversized variety of families, poorness in addition to frequent, nearly annual natural disasters like floods resulting in virtual impoverishment of some individuals, lack of education, talent and financial gain opportunities for ladies and for his or her family members in rural areas, absence of awareness concerning the activities of traffickers, pressure to gather money for dowries that ends up in causation daughters to remote places for work, dysfunctional family life, violence against girls, status of lady youngsters, etc.

It seems from the case studies that extreme poorness and different causes of deprivation not solely push individuals to fall within the rack the traffickers, they additionally produce for a few associate incentives for trafficking. Typically the prostitutes, WHO don’t have any choice to embark on the exploitive setting, step by step develop intimate connections with the traffickers and follow in their footsteps. The pull factors are: profitable employment propositions in massive cities, easy money, promise of higher pay and a snug life by the trafficking touts and agents, demand of young ladies for wedding in different regions, demand for low-paid and underage sweat search labour, growing demand of young children for adoption, rise in demand for ladies within the quickly increasing sex trade, demand for young ladies for sexual exploitation as a results of the misunderstanding that physical intimacy with young ladies reduces public convenience probabilities of contracting HIV/AIDS, or of the parable that sex with a virgin will cure HIV/AIDS and impotence. The rampant apply of feminine aborticide within the northern states of Haryana and the geographical area has additionally fuelled internal trafficking. Since there’s a shortage of girls in these states having a coffee feminine to male quantitative relation, they need to become fertile ground for the operation of traffickers. Traffickers procure ladies from faraway states like province and Orissa; trick their families into basic cognitive process they’re to be married, solely to later push them into vice crime. India is additionally experiencing fast changes in economic, political, demographic associated labor trends as an outcome of economic process, increasing demand for a reasonable labor and significant increase within the region encourages migration whether or not legal or illegal.

The movement of young ladies and ladies from Bangladesh and the Kingdom of Nepal into Indian brothels is common. There’s additional movement of those girls and ladies to the center East additionally as different destinations. Now and then of hardship, this starts out as illegal migration and finishes up as trafficking. Such migration happens within the scenery of offer and demand within the causation and receiving countries. The provision aspect is related to structural difference, poverty, illiteracy and lack of opportunities for bread and butter, Whereas the demand rises from the necessity of low-cost labor within the destination. Typically individuals from the poorer countries like Bangladesh and the Kingdom of Nepal are in danger of exploitation and are trafficked to their neighboring country India. associate assessment study on sexually exploited youngsters and youth by the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific (ESCAP) shows that in South Asia young ladies from sure rural areas of Bangladesh, India, and the Kingdom of Nepal are trafficked for the wedding so oversubscribed into vice crime.

The main drawback additionally two-faced by the poor families in India is that the members’ restricted ability to speak outside their place of residence. Several of them are illiterate—can not browse or write. So that they depend upon others for causation letters or creating a telephone to their relatives. Typically the guardians of law don’t support the victims. It’s typically been alleged that police harass the victims quite those that have committed the crime. Of these limitations not solely create the socially and economically underprivileged sections of society prone to trafficking, however additionally justify why re-trafficking is thus rampant in our society. Excluding the accrued demand of low-cost labor within the production sector, economic process has vied a serious half for the expansion of touristry business and recreation industries the planet over.

As a result, the sex-related trades like sex touristry have registered ascension. At an equivalent time, rising male migration to urban areas additionally as nerve-racking operating conditions of the Business method Outsourcing (BPO) sector employees have additionally contributed to a growing demand for industrial sex within the cities Our expertise additionally reveals that trafficking is closely related to kid wedding. Minor wedding is one in all the simplest modes applied by the traffickers to send young ladies from one place to a different. during an ancient village community, there’s a stigma connected to single girls. The inability to rearrange the wedding of a girl could be an explanation for embarrassment and a matter of shame for the oldsters. During this scenario, once the traffickers approach the poor families with wedding proposals the oldsters notice it arduous to refuse the supply. Once the wedding, the women oversubscribed and resold, until she reaches the last word destination. Excluding kid wedding, different modes of trafficking ar faux wedding, false achievement, seizure, and abduction of youngsters, transportation of youngsters with the consent of guardians, adoption of youngsters, mistreatment poor families with jobs and higher living conditions in cities.

Provisions Under the Indian Constitution:

Article 21 describes the life and personal liberty, and article 22 provides protection from arbitrary arrest to a person. Human trafficking in India comes under the purview of article 23 of the constitution of India declaring human trafficking and forced labor punishable. Article 24 declares the employment of children below 14 years in a factory, mines and other dangerous enterprises against the constitution. There are many such provisions in the fundamental rights of the constitution that declare human trafficking is a crime Similarly, article 39(f) instructed the state to protect the children from moral and economic abandonment by providing an environment of free and dignity and providing opportunities for healthy development.

Other Provisions Related To Human Trafficking:

There are so many provisions under the Indian penal code 1860 that provide for punishment for crimes related to human trafficking for the purpose of ransom, begging, forced prostitution, etc. Similarly, the unlawful trade prohibition act 1956 to provide prevention in pursuance of the international convention signed at new york in May 1950. Protection of child from sexual offences acts 2012, to protect youngsters from offences of sexual abuse, harassment and porno and supply, and for the establishment of special courts to try such offences.

Causes And Preventions Of Human Trafficking:

Poverty: Poverty is one of the most important contributors to human trafficking. It will drive folks to become traffickers; it will drive folks to sell youngsters or different relations into slavery. Folks in poorness ar targeted by traffickers, UN agency provide them some way to earn cash once, in fact, they’ll truly earn nothing and be treated as a slave. Poorness conjointly plays an oversized piece in several of the opposite root causes of trafficking, driving folks to migrate, creating education and bonafide work troublesome to get, creating recovery and safety from war and disaster not possible, and more.

Lack Of Education:

A lack of education will cause belittled opportunities for work on a salary, and it may cause belittled data in rights. Each outcome will cause individuals to be at a bigger vulnerability for human trafficking. In the bar of trafficking, education may empower youngsters to create changes in their community as they age which will forestall things and vulnerabilities of that trafficker’s profit.

Lack Of Legitimate Economic Opportunities:

When folks lack legitimate economic opportunities, which will conjointly cause raised vulnerability to human trafficking. Teams that square measure particularly vulnerable during this space square measure migrants while not work permits, people who lack education, people who sleep in rural square measures wherever there are fewer jobs offered, also as girls and sure ethnic teams UN agency might not be ready to get jobs thanks to discrimination.

Demand For Reasonable Labor And Demand For Sex:

Basic economic science tell North American nation that for a market to create, provide and demand have to be compelled to exist. The stress for a reasonable labor and for commercial sex cause opportunities for traffickers to take advantage of individuals. Traffickers will create an oversized profit by manufacturing product and services through low cost or free labor and merchandising the merchandise or services at a better worth. commercial sex may be a moneymaking market that permits traffickers to associate degreed pimps to become the sole profiter from their victims through an endless cycle of patrons and high costs.

Lack Of Human Rights For Vulnerable Teams:

In several countries, teams that square measure marginalized in society lack institutionalized human rights, which may result in them be potential victims of trafficking. Traffickers will go after these marginalized teams as a result of they lack the protection of the enforcement, their families, and even the society they sleep in. Also, once countries lack elementary laws concerning human rights, traffickers feel like they will go away with what they’re doing additional simply. a scarcity of human rights laws can even finish in penalization for victims if the laws and government don’t acknowledge that human trafficking is the exploitation of people.

Trafficking Generates An Outsized Profit

One major reason for human trafficking is that the giant profit that traffickers gain. This can be an Associate in Nursing incentive for them to continue trafficking individuals in each forced labor and sex trafficking. For traffickers victimization forced laborers and guaranteed laborers, they get low-cost labor and may sell their product or service at a far higher cost. For those victimization sex trafficking, they’ll simply take all of the profit, forcing ladies to form an exact quantity every night, and keeping them within the state of affairs through medicine, violent force, threats, and more.

Many more factors that cause human trafficking are the traffickers themselves. Lack of human rights, economic instability, and more, traffickers square measure those World Health Organization prefer to exploit individuals for his or her own gain. Whereas several of those factors could play into the explanations why traffickers get into the business, they still create a willful call to subject individuals against their will—either owing to the profit or owing to a belief that bound individuals square measure priceless or owing to a system of abuse and crime that they were raised in. Trafficking ultimately exists as a result of individuals square measure willing to take advantage of others into trafficking things.

Through understanding the basic causes of human trafficking, human rights employees and alternative development professionals will begin to handle the causes at the bottom level. Imposing human rights, serving to individuals access education, and serving to extend economic opportunities for individuals square measure simply a couple of ways in which we are able to address causes and facilitate forestall human trafficking for future generations.


The problem of human trafficking in India is more terrible, mainly because of poverty, illiteracy and legal flexibility. Our policy controllers are proving unable to control it. Forcing children to go begging, many children still work in small scale factories. Due to the weakness of the law, criminals are successful in protecting themselves. At the national level, adequate legislation should be developed. there should be coordination among the ministries so that the illegal trade between domestic and cross border trade can be stopped. Adequated arrangements should also be made for the rehabilitation of women and children rescued from the clutches of illegal traders because due to lack of rehabilitation system, women and children again turn to immoral trade. Human trafficking is a major blot on Indian democracy, for its effective prevention, the government will have to be serious, strict and speedy punishment should be provided for perpetrators of human trafficking. Due to human trafficking, India’s image has also deteriorated internationally, so serious steps should be taken in this direction.


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